Sunderland Guide: Farringdon Country Park (Foxy Island)

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Location: Between Farringdon, Gilley Law, Silksworth and Doxford Park

Farringdon country park (as designated by the council) or colloquially known as “Foxy Island” is an open space of conservation land located between several Sunderland southwest suburbs. It derives its name from it being wedged between Farringdon and Doxford Park, hence “Foxy” but it may also stem from being an old time hunting ground adjacent to Foxhole Wood.

The area consists of open wild grassland, a stream known as the Hendon Burn, several young forests and rolling hills. The area is an excellent choice for walking and hiking. It is important the area remains popular as Sunderland authorities, despite earmarking it for a park development in 1998, have slowly encroached on its periphery with growing housing developments and proposed unpopular crematorium plans in late 2020 which were scrapped due to public opposition.

The site is commonly used as a cross country run route for Farringdon School students, and also featured as a setting in SGM’s fantasy series “The North Star”

Nearby amenities: McDonalds (Farringdon), The Hunters Lodge (Pub), the Farringdon Cooperative Supermarket and Morrisons Doxford Park