Sunderland Guide: Hasting Hill

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Location: Accessible by turning onto the A183 from the A19 at Pennywell and heading down Foxcover Road. It can similarly be reached by foot via Thorney Close, Grindon, Hastings Hill Suburb and Herrington.

Towering over Sunderland’s western flank, Hasting Hill offers a remarkable panorama view of the city and surrounding region, with views on a clear day as far north as Tyneside and the Cheviot Hills of Northumberland, southwards to Durham Cathedral and of course out to sea. The elevation offers a fantastic walking and hiking opportunity with the chance to reflect on Neolithic history too.

The Hill is a mound of Magnesian limestone, a common geological feature of the area. Next to the Hill stood the site of a Bronze Age barrow where the remains of 10 people were buried along with pottery, unearthed in 1911. The artefacts have since been kept at the British Museum. The group is believed to be a part of the ancient “Beaker People”.

Next to the Hill is the adjacent Hastings Hill farm. Here some horses are typically kept in a field, and are very friendly to the public and eager to be fed. Overall, it makes a very pleasant and relaxing day out.

Nearby amenities: The Hastings Hill Pub, Pennywell KFC.