Legends of Sunderland: Kit and Kat

The lesson of this story is that sometimes, the easiest way to make money is not always the best way to succeed in life. Whilst some of course might approach the background of these characters with ridicule, we will approach it with sensitivity. We will not reveal their real identities, given at least one of them has vowed to move on from this “career” and to live a normal life, but nonetheless they stand as two public figures who became notorious in Sunderland and certain circles of the internet. We bring you the latest installment in the “Legends of Sunderland”, the story of Kit and Kat… a pair of twins from Sunderland who adopted these stage names for a certain career.

Kit and Kat are two girls originally from Thorney Close. Born in 1986, they are partially from a middle eastern background and attended Sandhill View School. They are not in fact stupid or dumb, they were in fact naturally talented actresses from a young age who got good grades and even attended a performing arts college. They were university educated too, however, they would later on make very naïve chances at a young age and get sucked into a predatory industry that whilst seemed luring, would of course only be destroying.

In the modern world, it is the fantasy of many young women to become an actress. The glamour of stardom and fame mystifies us, and few would turn down the opportunity if they believed they had an “avenue” towards that way of life, which would not of course come easily. “Kit and Kat” of course held such dreams, and as two twins studying at university they had began to explore opportunities in modelling, signing an opportunity with an agency in the early 2000s at just 18 years old. Was this the route to their dream? Perhaps so, until one day the photographer asked them to get naked for a photo.

The twins decided to go through with it. Surely it would not do any harm, right? Most stars have done that before haven’t they? Yet here is where the two found their “rabbit hole” with the producer recommending they enter the “adult film industry” to put it mildly, moving to London. Of course this was a disturbing revelation, yet with the money it would bring them, surely this would mean they’ve “made it” right, and then they could move onto bigger things? The two twins accepted the gig, which would soon engulf and ruin their educational pursuits.

Soon enough, Kit and Kit had an elaborate career starring an apparent 40 adult titles. Their fame on wearside became well known, granting them a status of notoriety. Perhaps the money was good, but soon they discovered the horrific cost to their personal dignity, reputations and other prospects that this path would bring to them, locking them into a vicious circle of adult related work. One can see that the twins pursued cosmetic surgery to try and uphold their brand, but it failed. Then after this came to an end? What next? One of the sisters spiralled into prostitution and selling used underwear, bemoaning that her legacy now made it impossible for them to get a “normal job”- as well as the amount of money lost through quitting.

Both of them have since sought to reform their lives. Kat does not live in Sunderland anymore, and has become an activist against prostitution whilst doing low key jobs. One of them had revealed: “I slept with a million men!” The other sister is still local, but we won’t reveal where she lives. The twins appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show in 2018. Whilst they are only in their mid 30s now, they have nonetheless made irreversible decisions which will impact them permanently and force them to live their lives in low-key. It is in conclusion a sad story of how certain industries can readily manipulate young women for profit, jobs which make the most money easily and seemingly bypass “hard work” often come with horrific ethical and personal costs.