McDonald’s to Launch Limited-Edition Chicken Big Mac!

By Elle Gray-Thynne

Mcdonald’s has announced exciting news for chicken lovers across the UK and Ireland as they are due to launch their new limited-edition chicken big back on February 2nd. Due to a high number of requests from customers.

Costing only 50p more than its beefy counterpart, it is described as “the classic Big Mac we all know and love” with the same Big Mac sauce, crispy chicken patties, lettuce, cheese and pickles in their signature triple layered bun.

The original Big Mac has been a customer favourite since it was launched here in the UK in 1974.

It will only be available in participating stores, and will cost £4.09 or £5.59 for a Chicken Big Mac Meal.

McDonald’s customers will be also delighted to know that the Double Big Mac, Mozzarella Dippers and the Galaxy/Salted Galaxy McFlurry’s will be returning to their menu’s and the recently introduced McPlant will become a permanent fixture in all restaurants nationally.