Secrets of Sunderland: The Abandoned Chapel of Bishopwearmouth Cemetery

It’s a scene that would fit perfectly in any horror movie.

At the heart of Bishopwearmouth Cemetery, surrounded by trees and graves, sits an old church that has been out of use for nearly 30 years.

Built in 1856 and designed by Thomas Moore, the church was one of three chapels in use throughout the cemetery.

Merely known as “The South chapel” it was run on behalf of Anglicans, accompanying a Catholic one to the North of the cemetery and a non-conformist one to the south (which has since burned down).

The church is in fact a listed building, yet has been left abandoned and in a state of decay for years, with trees and plants springing out of it on all sides.

Because the structure is aged, dangerous and potentially subject to vandalism and unwanted intrusion, it is now protected by CCTV to deter troublemakers.

However, its fate remains unknown, particularly because there is no vision or plan of what to do with it. Since 2021, local councillors have been lobbying to protect the building.

Later that year, it was photographed with scaffolding around it, but it seems to be merely to support it from collapsing than a much needed restoration of sorts.

Because of this situation, the church remains one of Sunderland’s creepiest and intriguing buildings. If you love a horror related atmosphere, then this is a perfect place to a pay a visit to. Just don’t try and enter it!