The Great Takeaways of Sunderland: Healthy Thaim, Thorney Close

Located on Thorndale Road of Thorney Close, Healthy Thaim has earned itself an ironclad reputation as one of the most creative, tasty and popular takeaways on Wearside, offering a completely original menu which blends both healthy and tasty with splendid skill.

When we think of takeaways, we typically think of food that is unhealthy but nonetheless good to have once in a while, which usually consists of pizzas, burgers, kebabs, fish and chips or Chinese food.

Healthy Thaim stands out because it is unique and innovative. Instead of going for these original fast food tropes it has established a menu blending Thai themes with healthy eating, yet does it in a way which doesn’t compromise the taste of the food, make it only for “healthy eaters” or subsequently price people out of it.

In other words, Healthy Thaim creates a “takeaway” whilst extracting from it the greasy aspects. For example, you might buy a cheeseburger there with chips, coming with peppers and a salad, or Kebabs with a much higher emphasis on salad and quality than you’d find at a chip shop.

Or if you don’t want any of that, there are plenty of exclusive vegetable, noodle and rice options to select from. Their menu is incredibly diverse and versatile, allowing it to cater to so many different people’s interests whilst encompassing everything with its own character and theme.

With 11,000 fans on facebook, far more than any identifiable takeaway in the area, it goes without saying that this is an establishment that its owners have put thought, effort and quality into, creating a brand quality to hold its own and stand out, and whilst it is not the only place on Thorney Close we will be giving a shoutout too, it is however the hands down best takeaway in that area.