What is the SGM Community Chest And How Can You Apply For A Grant?

Yesterday on our social media profiles we announced the launch of Sunderland Global Media’s very own “Community Chest” that is a project where we actively provide donations and grants to non-profit, charitable and community based organizations in the city of Sunderland. To roll out this exciting new program, which is designed to add to our revision of revival for the city, we are first pledging a £250 grant to a selected organization for a given cause or purpose.

We believe strongly in Sunderland and it’s people, and more importantly we believe equally in what you do. The SGM community chest is a long term scheme that aims to make a difference, improving lives, making our city a more liveable and achievable place, and empowering people.

In order to apply for this grant, please see the following criteria:

  1. As set out above, you should be the representative of a charitable, non-profit or community based organization in Sunderland. For profit businesses are not eligible, but sports related causes can be considered depending on what your proposal
  2. You should provide us with a plan and roadmap as to how the grant will contribute towards the goals or vision of your organization, and in particular how it will add to Sunderland and the community as a whole
  3. In applying for this program, you should be prepared to acknowledge and recognize Sunderland Global Media as a partner and patron.
  4. Email your proposals to sunderlandgm@outlook.com