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Sunderland Global Media Are Hiring A Food and Restaurant Critic


Aug 26, 2021

Sunderland Global Media is the fastest geowing media startup on Wearside today. With a booming social media following of over 10,000, and a post reach that can reach up to half a million, this is an outlet you want to be a part of. Now, for those of you who a) enjoy your food, b) have strong opinions and c) like writing, we are hiring for the exciting new position of a food and restaurant critic.

What does it consist of? You will have the opportunity once a month, reimbursed by us in line with a budget, to travel around the restaurants and establishments of Sunderland and the wider area, eat at your preference, and then offer us a detailed and critical review, along with photos of course. You will do this as a columnist for us, and we agree on a titular “Pen name” for you to do so.

Your work will be used to help incentivize people to eat in Sunderland, which places to visit, and of course which places to avoid… with us coming out of lockdown and many businesses struggling, we need people to be enthusiastic about eating in our area again!

Requirements to apply:

1) You should have some experience in writing, particularly in the ability to describe things and to express strong yet detailed and eloquent opinions.

2) You should be a pro-active, interesting and open minded person who is willing to try new things. You should be passionate, but also opinioned about food

3) Any age group, educational level and background is acceptable providing you can do the role

4) You should have social media skills and be willing to share your own work with others

Those who are interested in applying should write to sunderlandgm@outlook.com

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