Sunderland Guide: South Hylton Riverside Walk

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Location: Arrive at South Hylton Metro Station and follow High Street to the bottom, which will take you to the Riverside.

Further back from the Urbanized mouth of the River Wear, the South Hylton Riverside Walk takes us through the sleepy historic village of the same name to offer a peaceful, tranquil and scenic experience that is well worth the visit, which also bares the hallmarks of a booming maritime history.

Arriving in the village via Metro bus, you should walk down the main street to head to the riverside walk. Once down here, you can go in two directions on this route, either west heading towards Penshaw and Cox Green, or East downstream and see the gigantic Claxheugh Rock, made by the river carving out its path through magnesian limestone over the millennia.

Whilst walking, refresh yourself with the calm waters moving through the lush green valley whilst also observing the remnants of the areas past, such as former dock jetties, abandoned boats wedged into the river banks and more. The area was also the site of a Roman era port with recent anchors discovered on the North side, reminding us how the River Wear has been the lifeblood of the area for thousands of years.

There may not be much physically here to do, but the South Hylton riverside offers a hidden scenic gem to clear your mind with.

Amenities: The South Hylton Club, The Jolly Potter (up back in the village)