The North East Party Helms The Campaign to Reopen Pallion Shipyard

The regionalist North East Party has positioned itself to become the leading advocate for the reopening of the former Pallion Shipyard, who’s former facilities continue to sit on the River Wear under Queen Alexandra Bridge after being closed in 1988.

Seeking the revitalization of what was Sunderland’s defining and centrepiece industry, and opposing the planned demolition of the site by the Labour controlled council, party chairman Brian David Moore has now organized a professional campaign and working research group to save the facility and reignite it, arguing it could bring thousands of jobs back to Sunderland, with Moore citing that “Clarkson Research is now reporting that the total global volume of new orders for containerships based on gross tonnage is the largest since the agency started tallying the market in 1996”.

In addition, the NEP has expressed concern regarding the council’s aims to demolish the former shipyard and rebuild it into a “mixed use site” involving housing in plans that are a matter of “if” as opposed to “when”. The labour led authority has already come under widespread criticism already for its excessive housing construction which has far outstripped demand and consumed excessive green land.

After establishing the working group, Moore is now seeking broader local solidarity, and has warned that “without the support of the people of Sunderland we will not succeed”. The campaign has also contacted and reached out to all three Sunderland MPs, but has failed so far to elicit their cooperation.

2 thoughts on “The North East Party Helms The Campaign to Reopen Pallion Shipyard

  1. The people of Sunderland need the Pallion shipyard so jobs can be created and many skilled workers can return to work, Sunderland people can still remember the busy river Wear and when the yards closed our families moved on to different areas around the UK splitting up the family unit and losing a lot of the community,
    Sunderland would benefit with this enterprise.

    1. Definitely. This would be a massive boost to the area. Bring backed skilled workers to Sunderland and start up apprenticeship schemes to get people back into the trade. Make Sunset a city to be proud of!

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