Can You Work Out the Answer to the Gadgie’s Riddle? Where is he Talking About?

If you have just read the latest installment of The North Star, the Curse of the Gadgie, you will be aware that the heroes upon seeking out the feared East End spirit “The Gadgie” for clues on where to find the legendary magic “Caenterstaff”, the ghost was not able to reveal its location and instead left them with a riddle to work out.

What he was able to say is that the staff is hidden somewhere in the North East of England, a place that is “sacred” but otherwise cannot give any further details. Thus, he gives them this:

“I come and go,

but I’m always here

I rise and fall,

but do not disappear

the path is straight

but not always clear”

Can you work this out? Do you know where he might be referring to? What places in the North East might this be? We’d love to hear your answers!