Spooky Sausage Rolls: This Greggs in Fulwell is said to be Haunted

Fulwell is one of the oldest settlements in Sunderland. Emerging in the early Middle Ages, Fulwell was a village under the parish of Monkwearmouth for most of its existence. Then, from the 19th century onwards, the area boomed in size as Wearside transformed into an industrialized town.

As a result, most of Fulwell’s streets were constructed during the Victorian era and the early 20th century. As a more affluent area of Sunderland, Fulwell has undergone less upheaval than parts of the city such as the East End, which due to poverty and overcrowding, has faced substantial demolition and reconstruction over the years.

This leads us to the bizarre phenomenon of a “Haunted Greggs”, perhaps the only one of its kind in the world. The retail unit which the Greggs branch on Sea Road occupies was converted at some point in recent decades from an old two storey house into a shop.

According to legend, an elderly woman once lived in the building. It would be in the year 2004 that a series of mysterious and unexplained events began to happen at the Greggs downstairs, which included the presence of an “old fashioned, flowery smell of lavender”, kettles boiling by themselves at 4am in the morning and reported sounds of banging from upstairs, as well as if furniture was being moved.

Paranormal investigators claimed that a “poltergeist” was responsible for the mysterious occurrences. However, at no point in time was the stock of the bakery touched or disrupted, making it unlikely that the alleged spirit was a “menace” of any kind. It also remains unclear if there have been any supposed “sightings” or “incidents” since the reports dated almost 20 years ago?

But regardless, do you fancy a spooky sausage roll? Make sure you visit Greggs on Sea Road!