The Upcoming Episode of the North Star is Set to be the Best Yet

With all the cogs in place, now things are about to get serious. SGM are happy to announce Chapter V is on its way. A pun on a famous John Lennon song (we won’t name it yet), the newest installment will carry off on the trio’s hunt for the mysterious spirit known simply as “The Gadgie”, where they seek answers on the legendary Caenterstaff which the villains are seeking. However, the episode will end with a massive twist and shock which will put the series on course for its climax and finale over the next few episodes.

Sunderland Global Media’s epic series “The North Star” has had seven installments so far, whilst of course having no shortage of action and drama, these initial chapters might be described as the “foundation” of the series, or its “first half”. We’ve been introduced to almost all the main characters, the world they live in and set out the basic dilemma of the series: That the unlikely Sophie Scott is the anointed mythological hero “The North Star” and is called to a quest to save Sunderland and the North from the forces of the mysterious “Glanfeoil”, aided by friends Millie and Micky, whilst sparring off against a lazy and negligent father.

Now the cogs are in place, things are about to get serious. Following on from the Curse of the Gadgie, the series will now take a much more dramatic turn in its upcoming instalment, named after a famous John Lennon song (we aren’t giving it away yet!) and build towards its eventual climax!

The North Star’s magic and charm ultimately lies in its creativity to blend fantasy tropes into a modern urban setting and to tell not a conventional fairytale story of “good vs. evil” but a deeply realistic commentary of life, coming of age and politics in Sunderland. Embedded in the series is the story of a wounded, disillusioned and yet otherwise hopeful city wrestling its own struggles and finding its place in the world.

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